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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Group Activities

Division Business Name Nature of Business Contact Power Tools Rutherford Distributor of Makita power tools, Mercury marine engines and survey instrumentation. Martin Peterson Chief executive Tel: 011 878 2600 Fax: 011 873 1689 E-mail: Go to Rutherford's website

Security Equipment Elvey Security Technologies Distributor of electronic security equipment, including intruder detection, access control, CCTV, fire detection, electric fencing and specialised products, as well as related consumables. Gary Lowe Chief executive Tel: 011 401 6700 Fax: 011 401 6753 E-mail: Go to Elvey's website

Pentagon Distributor of integrated security and life safety solutions, including CCTV, access control, fire detection, public address and perimeter detection products. Brendan Hall Managing Director Tel: 011 401 6700 Fax: 011 401 6753 E-mail: Go to Pentagon's website

Commercial ICT Distributor of Permaconn mobile radio communication equipment and systems as well as hosting and support of core IT infrastructure and communication networks. Brad Morein Managing director Tel: 010 590 6177 E-mail: Go to Commercial ICT's website

Communication Equipment Global Communications Distributor of professional mobile radio communication equipment and radio systems integrator. Sean Mervitz Managing director Tel: 087 310 0400 Fax: 011 661 0387 E-mail: Go to Global Communication's website

Miro Distributor of wireless IP convergence solutions, including network infrastructure, switches and routers, WiFI and hotspot, enterprise wireless, fixed wireless broadband, carrier class wireless, antennas and masts, voice over IP and IP surveillance products. Bertus van Jaarsveld Managing director Tel 012 657 0960 E-mail: Go to Miro's website

SS Telecoms Voice and data solutions provider for businesses of all sizes, specialiSing in PBX(premise based, cloud, call centre, data routing, WiFi), communication management software, voice recording, handsets and telephone management. STT Telecoms manufactures certain specialised products for fleet management and voice routing while also providing mobile technology solutions including LTE, LTE Advanced, 3G, Fixed Line and VoIP. George Smalberger Managing director Tel 012 664 4644 E-mail: Go to SS Telecoms's website Automotive Abes Technoseal Distributor of automotive clutch kits and ignition leads, rotary oil and hydraulic seals. Danie Venter Managing director Tel: 011 397 4070 Fax: 011 397 4326 E-mail: Go to Abes Technoseal's website Partquip Importer and distributor of automotive spares and accessories. Carl Rogers Managing director Tel 011 634 7600 Fax 011 493 3131 E-mail: Go to Partquip's website Batteries Deltec Energy Solutions Distributor of maintenance free batteries and provider of custom designed energy solutions. Colin Eddey Managing director Tel: 011 864 7930 Fax: 011 908 6154 E-mail: Go to Deltec Power Distributors' website Eternity Technologies Supplier of batteries, high frequency chargers, and related battery equipment to the traction battery market in southern Africa. It also designs, builds and manages battery bays for warehouses and distribution centres. Ryan Fourie Managing director Tel: 011 965 0575 E-mail: Go to Eternity Technologies' website

Specialised Battery Systems Importer and distributor of stand-by and solar batteries. Sheldon Orren Managing director Tel: 011 425 3447 Fax: 011 425 4433 E-mail: Go to Specialised Battery System's website

Bearings Bearings International Distributor of bearings, chains, seals, electric motors, transmission and allied products. Burtie Roberts Chief executive Tel: 011 899 0000 Fax: 011 899 6586 E-mail: Go to Bearings International's website

Diesel engines and spares Deutz Dieselpower Distributor of Deutz diesel engines and Deutz spare parts and the provision of service support. Maurice Pringle Managing director Tel: 011 923 0600 Fax: 011 923 0611 E-mail: Go to Deutz Dieselpower's website

Power Transmission Ambro Steel Distributor of engineering steels, solid, round, square, hexagonal and hollow bar steel. Lynette Anderson Chief executive Tel: 011 824 4242 Fax: 011 824 4864 E-mail: Go to Ambro Sales's website Astore Keymak Distributor of specialised thermoplastic pipes, fittings and Keymak PVC hose. Pranesh Maniraj Managing director Tel: 011 892 1714 Fax: 011 892 2781 E-mail: Go to AstoreKeymak's website Bauer Geared Motors Distributor of geared motors, helical gearboxes, frequency inverters and electrical motors. Deon Krieger Managing director Tel: 011 828 9715 Fax: 011 828 0116 E-mail: Go to Bauer's website Belting Supply Services. Distributor of conveyor belting, industrial hose, fluid sealing and process control products. Piet Swanepoel Managing director Tel: 011 610 5600 Fax: 011 610 5700 E-mail: Go to Belting Supply Services's website

Berntel Importer and distributor of pneumatic and process components. Neil Champion General manager Tel 011 762 1840 Fax 011 762 2185 E-mail: Go to Berntel SA's website

Bosworth Manufacturer of conveyor drive pulleys, forgings and rollings. Gary Howell Managing director Tel: 011 864 1643 Fax: 011 908 5728 E-mail: Go to Bosworth's website

Brewtech Engineering Nature of business: Importer and distributor of plastic and stainless steel slat chains and modular belting and conveyor components. Manufacturer of plastic engineering parts for machines used in food, bottling and mining industries. Rob Harrison Managing director Tel: 011 708 0408 Fax: 011 708 0415 E-mail: Go to Bosworth's website

The Dished End Company Manufacturer of end caps on pressure vessels and single pressed weld caps and the pressing and flanging of small conical sections. Noel Saunders Chief executive Tel: 011 822 4550 Fax: 011 822 1414 E-mail: Go to The Dished End's website Dosco Precision Hydraulics Supply of hydraulic pumps and motors to the mining, industrial, mobile, marine and forestry industries. Jacques Lombard Managing director Tel: 011 452 5843 Fax: 011 609 7955 E-mail: Go to Dosco's website Ernest Lowe Manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. David Allman Portfolio executive Tel: 011 898 6600 Fax: 011 918 3974 E-mail: Go to ELCO's website Filter and Hose Solutions Supplier of filtration solutions, customised exhaust systems, kits and accessories. Reena Magan Managing director Tel: 087 150 6000 Fax: 011 894 5832 E-mail: Go to FHS's website Gear Pump Manufacturing Manufacture and assembly of hydraulic gear pumps. Thomas Dunford Chief executive Tel: 021 531 9330 Fax: 021 531 7096 E-mail: Go to Gearpump Manufacturing's website Hydraulic Engineering Repair Services Manufacturer and repairer of hydraulic cylinders and repairer of drivetrain components. Nic Pitsiladis General manager Tel: 011 825 3690 Fax: 011 825 6152 E-mail: Go to HERS website Joseph Grieveson Manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous castings. Terence Woolley Managing director Tel: 031 507 3640 Fax: 031 500 2687 E-mail: Go to Joseph Grieveson's website Powermite Distributor of electric cabling, plugs, sockets, electric feeder systems and crane materials. Mike Allnutt Chief executive Tel: 011 271 0000 Fax: 011 271 0265 E-mail: Go to Powermite's website

Proof Engineering Manufacturer and distributor of mining connectors and lighting systems. Andrew Mowat Managing director Tel: 011 824 1146 Fax: 011 824 1237 E-mail: Go to Proof Engineering's website

Sanderson Special Steels Distributor of special steels and heat treatment to the tool making and general engineering industries. Tim Groenewald Managing director Tel: 021 951 5311 Fax: 021 951-5316 E-mail: Go to Sanderson Special Steel's website

Three-D Agencies Distributor of electrical cable accessories. Ian Downard Managing director Tel: 011 392 3804 Fax: 011 392 3812 E-mail: Go to Three-D's website

Varispeed Distributor of controllers, monitors and regulators of the speed of standard AC motors. Ralph Real General manager Tel: 011 312 5252 Fax: 011 312 5262 E-mail: Go to Varispeed's website

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