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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Abrie Saayman
Abrie Snyman
Abrie Venter
Adaan Kotze
Adam Helberg
Adam Tas – Sanger
Addelaid Watt
Adé Fischer
Adel van Heerden
Adele Bezuidenhout
Adelé Coetzer
Adele Gillespie
Adele Jacobs
Adele Janse van Vuuren
Adele Nel
Adele Pretorius
Adele Sutherland
Adell Meintjes
Adelle Botha
Adelle Conway
Adri Buys
Adri Collen
Adri Cronje
Adri Grotsius
Adri Haylett
Adri Malan
Adri Uitenweerde
Adri Valentin
Adri van Rooyen
Adri van Wyk
Adriaan Fredrik Jacobs
Adriaan Kitching
Adriaan Venter
Adriaan Venter
Adriaan Volschenk (AJ)
Adrian van Niekerk
Adrie Blignaut
Adrie Minnaar
Adrie Sonnekus
Adrie van der Merwe
Alan Oosthuizen
Alana Bailey – Hoof: Kom Huis Toe-veldtog
Alba van Rooyen
Albert Anderson
Albert Cruywagen
Albert Hansen
Albert Klynsmith
Albert Kruger
Albert Myburgh
Albert Storm
Albert van Rensburg
Albert Venter – Akademikus en politieke kommentator
Albertus Swanepoel
Alet du Toit
Alet Kruger
Alet Rautenbach
Alet van der Walt
Alet van Niekerk
Aletta Eales
Alex van der Westhuizen
Alexia Vosloo
Alf Becker
Alf Bronner
Alice Adendorff
Alice Meyer
Alida Buckle
Alida du Plessis
Alida Kruger
Alida Lubbe
Alida Pelser
Alida Smit
Alida Stewart
Alida Swart
Alida van der Kruk
Alida van der Walt
Aline Venter
Allet Clarence
Allie Schutte
Alma Darlington
Alma Louw
Alta Botha
Alta Heyns
Alta Lotz
Alta Rossouw
Alta Ruthven
Alta van den Heever
Alta Landman
Alta-Marie Retief
Alwene Fourie
Alwyn du Plessis
Alwyn Enslin
Alwyn Marais
Alwyn Saayman
Alwyn Schlebusch
Amalia Lochner
Amanda Blom
Amanda Booysen
Amanda Burger
Amanda de Stadler
Amanda Dippenaar
Amanda Du Toit
Amanda Engelbrecht
Amanda Havenga
Amanda Jacobs
Amanda Lamprecht
Amanda Lombaard
Amanda Moore
Amanda Reyneke
Amanda Steyn
Amanda Strauss
Amanda Swart
Amanda van der Merwe
Amanda Venter
Amanda Wilsenach
Ameila de Lange
Amelda Erasmus
Amelia Coetzee
Amelia Verhoef
Amelle Harvey
Anandi Bronkhorst
Anchen Dreyer – DA Woordvoerder: Arbeid
Anchen Maritz
Anda Els
Andre Alkema – Voorsitter: Genootskap vir die Handhawing van Afrikaans
André Arnoldi
Andre Badenhorst
André Brockman
Andre Cronje
Andre de Klerk Fourie
Andre du Plessis
Andre du Preez
André du Toit
Andre Erasmus
Andre Ferreira
Andre Herholdt
Andre J Coetzee
André Jooste
André Kirsten
André Kotzee
Andre Kruger
André Kruger
Andre Lourens
Andre Lubbe
André Marais
Andre MaY
André Nieuwoudt
Andre Nortje
André Rademan
Andre Smit
André Swanepoel
André Theron
André van As
Andre van der Linde
André van der Merwe
André van der Merwe
André van der Merwe
André van Niekerk
Andre van Rensburg
André vd Westhuizen
André Vermeulen
Andrew Gerber
Andrew Greeff
Andrew Lesch
Andrew Smit
Andries Botha
Andries de Beer
Andries de Klerk
Andries du Toit
Andries Kotze
Andries Nel
Andries Strydom
Andrinette Reichgelt
Anel Boshoff
Anel Dickson
Anél Lombaard
Anel Muller
Anele van Wyk
Anelle Jansen van Rensburg
Aneska Dupont
Anet Pieterse
Anet Vink
Anette Coetzee
Anette Roetz
Angela Nel
Angretta Krouwkamp
Anilda Joubert
Anita Botha
Anita Janse Van Rensburg
Anita Lourens
Anita Mans
Anita van Schalkwyk
Anite Wheeler
Anla van Schalkwyk
Ann Shaw
Anna Blom
Anna de Beer
Annalie Heyneke
Annaliza Ferns
Anna-Mari Pretorius
Anna-Marie Harris
Anna-Marie Hiscock
Anna-Marie Nieuwoudt
Annamarie Olivier
Anna-Marie van der Merwe
Anna-Marie van Rooyen
Anna-Mart Steyn
Annari Bonthuys
Annatjie Sutherland
Annatjie Booyen
Annatjie Gericke
Annatjie Kotze
Annatjie Venter
Annatjie Visagé
Anne Joubert
Anne Laubscher
Anne Scheepers
Anneke de Villiers – Violis
Anneke Germeshuisen
Anneke Roux
Anneke Swanepoel
Annelene de Kock
Anneli Mc Donald
Anneli McDonald
Annelie Erasmus
Annelie Grove
Annelie Kleinhaus
Annelie Lee
Annelie Wentzel
Anneliese Roodt
Anneliese Trollip
Anneline Fouche
Anneline Prinsloo
Anneline Scholtz
Annelise Durand
Annelise Jute
Annelise Pretorius
Annelize Snyman
Annelize van Niekerk
Anne-Mare Lotter
Anne-Marie Bezuidenhout
Annemarie Booysen
Anne-Marie Botes
Annemarie Griffin
Annemarie Joubert
Annemarie Kotze
Annemarie Pienaar
Anne-Marie Roodt
Annemarié Swartz
Anne-Marie Ungerer
Annemi Welgemoed
Annetjie Coetzee
Annetjie Groenewald
Annetjie Grovè
Annetjie Kok
Annetjie Thompson
Annetjie Wait
Annette Cronje
Annette Erasmus
Annette Pieters
Anria van Heerden
Anschen Bosman
Ansie Cloete
Ansie du Plessis
Ansie du Preez
Ansie Laidlaw
Ansie Olwagen
Ansie Swartz
Ansje Vogel
Anso van Deventer
Anthea van Zyl
Anthony Blaine
Anthony Lee
Anthony Steele
Antoinette Gerber
Antoinette Ligthart
Antoinette van Huyssteen
Antoinette Venter
Anton Albasini
Anton Burger
Anton de Beer
Anton Deetlefs
Anton Fuchs
Anton Goosen
Anton Herbst
Anton Mostert
Anton Pieterse
Anton van Zyl
Antonette Hough
Aranda Murphy
Archie Van Rooyen
Arie Botma
Arita Camps
Armand Egmond van Eeden
Armando Horn
Armiston (Watty) Watson LP (DA)
Arnie Nelson
Arno Brouwer
Arno Lochner
Arno Mostert
Arnold van der Dussen
Astrid Bouwer
Astrid Pretorius
At Bouwer
At Horn - Sielkundige
At van Niekerk
At van Niekerk
Attie Basson
Attie Claassens
Attie Claassens
Attie Coetzee
Attie Roux
Attie Spangenberg
Aubrie Jesersky
Audrey Kruger
Avril Malan - Voormalige Springbokkaptein
Azelene Williams

PLEASE help these families find their missing loved ones.
1 Gcinikhaya Zozi has been missing since 1985. Contact Mdlulu on 073 133 9523 or 072 145 4532.
2 Isaac Mohamed has been missing since 17 March. His Toyota Tazz, registration number MZK 446 GP, is also missing. Contact 076 208 3530.
3 Edna Mukhavhu of Germiston went missing in April 2003. Contact Grace on 012 339 7799 or 084 768 9738.
4 Vusi Simango has been missing since 9 April last year. Call Joseph on 082 639 1002.
5 Jabulane Vilakazi has been missing since 30 January. Call Norah on 083 732 7110 or 012 703 3900.
6 Brown Mmokgoe is missing. Contact Pinkie on 083 722 1691 or 011 623 2821.
7 Benjamin Mashapa of Molapo, Soweto, went missing on 24 March. Contact Amos on 076 812 0052 or George on 083 701 5049.
8 Vusi Mahlangu of Laudium, Tshwane, has been missing since 6 February. Call Mabena on 076 358 1770 or Inspector Manganye on 072 607 8267.
9 Steve Kometsi was last seen in Laudium, Tshwane, in December 2004. Call Inspector Manganye on 072 607 8267 or Kometsi's brother on 076 222 0737.
10 William Mashao of Laudium, Tshwane, went missing on 23 December last year. Call Inspector Manganye on 072 607 8267.
11 Tina Louw left her home and family in Bloemfontein in 1991 and never returned. Contact Ivonne on 073 659 9431.
12 Joseph Maseko went missing this month. Call 072 292 3209 or 084 378 7978.
13 Kgaogelo Skhosana (3) disappeared from her home on 5 January. Call her mother on 073 595 0025 or 073 407 0061.
14 Suzan Malevo of Elandfontein left home on 22 February with baby boy Estavao (3) and never returned. Call Moses on 082 066 9575 or 072 328 9828.
15 Estavao Muocosse (3) disappeared with her mother Suzan on 22 February. Call 082 066 9575 or 072 328 9828.
16 Joshua Lethoba of Molapo, Soweto, is deaf and dumb. He went missing on 1 October 2000. Contact Ouma on 011 986 1241.
17 Peter James has been missing since 27 March. Peter was driving a white Honda Ballade 150, registration number FFJ 722 GP, when he disappeared. Contact Jeeva on 082 820 1473 or 084 910 0050 .

• Have you lost your ID book, Matome Molope? It is in safe hands. To collect it, call Miriam on 011 802 4913 or 072 331 3049.

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